Tools 1-6

Identity, power, values and ethics


Tool one: Social Graces

Burnham (2011) described identity with the acronym GGRRAAAACCEEESSSS this tool supports you to consider aspects of your own identity.

Tool two: Identity exercise

Building on tool one consider the impact of your identity in supporting a community of practice and within your organisation.

Tool three: Privilege exercise

An opportunity to consider experiences of privilege and disadvantage.

Tool four: Effective use of power and authority

Effective use of power and authority group exercise considering the use of power and authority in supervision.

Tool five: Anti-oppressive practice

Anti-oppressive practice tool to support the consideration of the impact of power, inequality and oppression and how to combat them.

Tool six: Ethics and values discussion

Provides questions to use in supervision to consider ethics and values.

Supervisor Development Programme 9

Tools 1-6

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