Tools 14-21

Supporting resilience

Tool fourteen: Resilience skills

This tool outlines the skills of resilience.

Tool fifteen: Seven learnable skills of resilience

This tool supports reflection on the skills of resilience together with an action plan.

Tool sixteen: Self-help audit plan

This tool supports people to consider their self-care needs to promote their own resilience.

Tool seventeen: Wagnild & Young resilience scale

This tool supports understanding individual resilience against a scale.

Tool eighteen: Emotional resilience postcard

This tool supports strategies for coping with emotional stress.

Tool nineteen: Debrief

Provides a structure for a debrief following an impactful event or situation.

Tool twenty: Supervision in times of change

This tool supports consideration of and reflection on the impact of change.

Tool twenty-one: Manager’s audit supporting resilience

This tool enables managers to reflect on their practice and the ways in which they can support resilience in their teams.

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Tools 14-21

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