Tools 7-13

Supporting reflection 

Tool seven: Individual reflection- my strengths in relationship-based practice supervision

Reflecting on your role as supervisor.

Tool eight: Reflective cycle

Consider Kolb’s reflective cycle and how to use it.

Tool nine: Group reflection

Look at Systemic Reflective Space as a model for group reflection.

Tool ten: Reflective group supervision

This tool sets out things to consider for effective group supervision.

Tool eleven: Levels of reflection

Explore different types and levels of reflection in supervision.

Tool twelve: Wonnacott’s discrepancy matrix

This tool supports people to reflect on the information that they are using to support their decision-making.

Tool thirteen: Using law, theory and research in reflective discussion

This tool sets out the way in which supervisors and supervisees can discuss the use of law, theory and research in their work.

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Tools 7-13

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